Clubs & Activities

About The Club and Mission
We are thrilled to offer the Robotics Club at HSA Dayton Elementary School for fourth and fifth graders. Our goal is to foster creativity, innovation, and teamwork in a constructive and collaborative environment. Our club provides an excellent opportunity for elementary school students to explore the fascinating world of robotics and technology while having fun and learning new skills. We believe that this experience will help our students to develop a passion for learning and prepare them for success in the future.
At our school, we provide an exciting and enriching experience for members of our Robotics Club all year round. Our students engage in a variety of activities, such as building and programming robots, finding solutions to real-life challenges, and preparing for statewide competitions. We empower our students to explore their creativity and curiosity as they design, experiment with, and perfect their robotic creations.
HSA Dayton Elementary students participate in statewide robotics competitions, where they showcase their talents, compete, and celebrate their achievements. These events provide valuable learning opportunities and foster camaraderie among club members. Our students gain hands-on experience in design, programming, and problem-solving while building lasting relationships with like-minded individuals.
Recent Accomplishments
Our team participated in 3 regional competitions in Ohio. We received the first place prize in the RoboCON competition organized by CONSEF in Chicago.
All teachers offer after school tutoring at least one day a week on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Please contact your students teacher directly to sign them up for after school tutoring. After school tutoring ends at 3:20pm and students will need to have transportation home.