Carriage Hill Field Trip

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Ms. Nyhan’s 1st & 2nd Grade Young’s

Jersey Dairy Field Trip

The rain on October 28th did not dampen the spirts of Ms. Nyhan’s eager 1st and 2nd Grade adventurers

as they set out to use their observation skills learned in Science to explore at a local working farm,

Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs.

Our first adventure awaited us in the Pumpkin Patch after a tractor pulled wagon ride. Each child was

able to select their own pumpkin to take home. Next, our wagon took us back toward the livestock

barns. We received a fascinating lesson about the Jersey Dairy Cows at Young’s. This really engaged the

children as they were able to watch the cows in the barn yard while learning about them. They learned

about the life of the Jersey cow and that they eat mostly hay. The children were then allowed to enter

the livestock barn where the goats were just as curious about them. They also observed turkeys, ducks

and pigs in their pen. To conclude that adventure, students were allowed to feed the goats. Both goats

and students loved this experience!

Lastly, the students were given a demonstration on milking a dairy cow. They were able to then use a

simulator to practice milking on their own. They had fun milking and also enjoyed learning other facts

about the Jersey cow such as their 20 gallon intake of water each day. This fun fact was represented as a

bath tub full of water.

Before we headed out, we all enjoyed lunch at the picnic tables and of course a scoop of real homemade

Young’s ice cream for dessert!

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On January 24, 2013 about 100 Horizon Science Academy Elementary students had an awesome opportunity to go see the Lady Flyers of the University of Dayton play against the George Washington Colonials. The students spent the entire day at the University of Dayton Arena completing math activities as they waited for the game to begin. Three very deserving students were able to go down to the court and stand in the fan tunnel to cheer and high-five the Lady Flyers as they came out onto the court. The game was exciting and full of fun as we cheered the Lady Flyers to a 80-52 victory against the Colonials. Overall it was on terrific day filled with fun and learning.


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